How To Choose The Best Natural Moisturiser For Your Face

Whether they happen to contain organic ingredients or avoid harsh chemicals, natural face moisturizers will generally all have something in common: skin-beautifying botanicals.

We rounded up the best natural face moisturizers featuring fabulous plant-based ingredients.

1. Miracle Tea Recovery Cream

If you have super sensitive or very dry skin, this cream may seem like a dream come true. The name - Miracle Tea Recovery Cream - is a pretty good indication of how well this face cream keeps skin hydrated and gives it an amazing glow.

This formula contains several ingredients that smooth and firm the skin.

Kombucha, also known as "miracle tea" in Indonesia, has B vitamins that support the skin's natural defenses and may help deal with discoloration. Kombucha also has alpha-hydroxy acids that gently exfoliate, so dull skin gets a do-over.

Our Miracle Tea Recovery Creme also contains vitamin C, which can improve skin tone and brighten your complexion. The antioxidants help defend skin against the sun's damaging ultraviolet rays and other environmental toxins.

Natural ingredients like ginger and Colubrina bark hydrate and reinvigorate the skin. Colubrina bark, in particular, enables better moisture retention by improving the skin's ability to transport water into the epidermis.

Shea butter delivers deep moisture and conditioning. Like other emollients with occlusive properties (such as olive oil), it helps with skin healing and softening.

The plant-based retinol alternative rounds out the list of ingredients and makes this the perfect moisturizer. It gently exfoliates and scrubs to reveal more youthful-looking skin, but without the standard side effects of traditional retinol. That means you can use this cream in the morning without worry, or smooth it on at night as you dream your way to more moisturized skin.

This has vitamin C and moisturizers with occlusive properties that act similar to mineral oil

2. Sweet Black and Rice Tea Moisturizer

Second on our list of best natural moisturizers is this incredible concoction: JUARA’s Sweet Black Tea and Rice Moisturizer.

Not all skincare products make the cut when it comes to keeping promises. However, this extremely hydrating face moisturizer truly makes a difference.

Rice bran oil and avocado oil, both rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids, help skin stay soft and maintain its elasticity. Avocado oil even strengthens the skin’s natural barrier.

Along with the other beautifying botanicals in this formula, clove flower contributes to an absolutely luminous complexion. Clove flower can inhibit melanin synthesis in the skin, creating a more even tone.

Also adding to the natural radiance and luster of the skin is fermented sweet black tea (aka Kombucha). It has probiotic properties that promote rejuvenation.

The antioxidants in both the kombucha and green tea neutralize free radicals. This helps thwart sun damage so skin can thrive.


All of the aforementioned ingredients will help minimize the appearance of fine lines on your face. In addition, the five flavor berry boosts the body's production of collagen, so you'll have more firm, supple skin.

This formula is ideal for a dry skin type or those with dull or aging skin. This luxurious lightweight lotion deeply hydrates but doesn't leave you with a greasy feeling. This veritable moisture infusion also provides the perfect primer for makeup application.

If you're trying to build better skincare habits, be sure to take time for all the necessary steps. In this case, we suggest cleansing with our Rice Facial Cleanser and using Tamarind Facial Toner before applying Sweet Black Tea & Rice Moisturizer.

3. Juice Beauty SPF 30 Oil-Free Moisturizer

Spring is here and summer is soon to follow. That means a lot more outdoor activities, like pool parties, family barbecues, and beach days. Unfortunately, it also means the season of sunburns is upon us.

Since so many skin problems start with overexposure to that big glowing ball of gas in the sky, it's imperative to protect ourselves.

If your skin type tends to burn, then you may already be on top of sun protection (or avoidance). However, even if you don't burn there can still be sun damage occurring on and just underneath the surface.

SPF 30 Oil-Free Moisturizer by Juice Beauty puts moisture and sun protection together in one sustainable, recyclable package.

Given their eco-friendly approach, they use vegan and certified organic ingredients. And similar to JUARA products, Juice Beauty's skincare and makeup line is cruelty-free, which we love.

This product protects skin with broad-spectrum mineral zinc sunscreen and has aloe vera, vitamins, sea algae, and more. The plant-derived hyaluronic acid helps hydrate skin while organic pomegranate boasts a polyphenol to clarify and brighten.

There are more ingredients to mention, but the main point is that this moisturizer and sunscreen combo can prevent some premature signs of aging while helping with hydration.

If you have oily skin, combination skin, or an acne-prone skin type, try this non-comedogenic daily moisturizer that won't clog pores.

This clean beauty lightweight moisturizer has natural and organic ingredients and zinc oxide

4. Naturopathica Calendula Essential Hydrating Cream

You'll have to dig a little deeper into those pockets for this deeply moisturizing face cream, but the end result may well be worth it.

Naturopathica Calendula Essential Hydrating Cream is a natural face moisturizer that soothes dry skin, and works wonders for all skin types.

Calendula extract, with its anti-inflammatory properties, is especially soothing for those who deal with irritations or other allergic reactions.

Borage seed oil delivers a hefty dose of fatty acids essential for moisturizing the skin. These fatty acids not only condition the skin, but help strengthen it against unwanted outside irritants.

Aloe Vera also helps with hydration and adds to the soothing sensation.

Trehalose is an antioxidant-rich water-binding sugar found in plants and other natural sources that helps with hydration. It can even protect certain cellular structures in the skin, stabilizing healthy functions and ensuring healthier skin.

Due to the role that trehalose plays in protecting fibroblasts (the cells that produce collagen), we can see how this ingredient may provide some gains when it comes to skin strength and fending off harmful environmental elements, such as the sun, wind, and pollutants.

The soothing scent of this face moisturizer will send you off with a smile and leave mature skin feeling, younger and refreshed.

Free of parabens and sulfate, this formula is certified cruelty-free and organic.

5. Aveeno Eczema Therapy Daily Moisturizing Cream

Aveeno Eczema Therapy Daily Moisturizing Cream has a creamy texture that's great for those with a sensitive skin type trying to keep eczema under control. It offers relief to dry and itchy skin, and infuses it with moisture so that skin feels soft.

Many dermatologists have recommended Aveeno Eczema Therapy Daily Moisturizing Cream for mild to moderate eczema. It's even been awarded the Seal of Approval by the National Eczema Association.

Colloidal oatmeal provides particular nourishment for this condition, helping to restore skin’s natural protective barrier.

The ceramides in this mix also assist with strengthening the outer layer of our skin. This helps prevent moisture loss and keeps unwanted irritants out. Ceramides play an important role in minimizing and delaying premature signs of aging.

After you apply it in the morning on freshly cleansed skin, you'll appreciate how it lasts all day long.

This fragrance-free eczema cream is the ideal moisturizer if you're hoping to avoid steroid creams, or use them less frequently.

A lot of the natural ingredients can give your skin what it needs to keep irritating skin conditions under control.

Board certified dermatologist recommended natural face moisturizer

6. Protini Polypeptide Cream by Drunk Elephant

Protini Polypeptide Cream by Drunk Elephant is not only fun to say five times fast, but also a great moisturizer to help you get silky smooth and glowing skin.

Replete with proteins and so many skin-loving nutrients, this cream is a wrinkle-fighting winner apt for all skin types.

Protini Polypeptide Cream is formulated at the pH of 4.0, an ideally-balanced level. The proprietary formula is like a tiny little time machine for your face that transforms tired-looking skin into a refreshed face.

The peptides and amino acids fortify the skin's ability for self-repair, and can increase collagen production. Peptides also support the build-up of elastin fibers, another type of protein. This, of course, strengthens the underlying structural matrix that supports the skin and makes it appear more firm and supple.

When used in combination with certain ingredients, amino acids may also increase moisture retention, thereby plumping up the skin.

Pygmy waterlily stem cell extract may sound like a strange ingredient, but it boasts antioxidants as well as other nutrients that aid in hydration and an overall skin-calming effect.

Soybean folic acid ferment extract is also a mouthful (an apparent pattern with this brand) that helps maintain elasticity. This B vitamin can be your best buddy, particularly after some sun exposure.

All of the aforementioned ingredients support a more youthful and healthy appearance. This fragrance-free cream is vegan, and contains no essential oils, dyes, or silicones.

7. Weleda Skin Food

Whether it's those cold winter months or dry summers that get you down, our skin sometimes needs a little TLC.

Weleda Skin Food works wonders for the skin on your face as well as rough patches that occasionally pop up. It can smooth fine lines and also address dry spots anywhere they may be, feet, face, or hands.

For those who want to use natural oils on their face, but aren't sure how much oil, or which oils to use, Weleda has removed any room for error and selected a botanical blend that's one of the best.

Sweet almond oil and sunflower oil bring a bevy of benefits to the skin.

Sweet almond oil helps protect the skin from ultra-violet radiation damage, and softens the look of fine lines. The fatty acids aid in moisture retention and can help heal chapped skin.

Sunflower oil is one of those face oils that work well even for those with oily skin. So if you can incorporate it into your skincare routine with an effective natural moisturizer, you've got it made.

Beeswax creates a protective layer on the skin, while the anti-inflammatory effects of calendula and chamomile extract can be calming for the skin. Calendula is especially soothing, and has even been used as an antiseptic.

You can feed your skin all this goodness and sometimes see an immediate change. With repeated use, you're likely to see an all-over glow.

8. Burt's Bees Sensitive Daily Moisturizing Cream

Burt's Bees Sensitive Daily Moisturizing Cream is one of the more affordable and effective natural face creams.

If you have sensitive skin, not all moisturizers are made equal. You may be in search of a lightweight formula that will still bring sufficient moisture to your face. If that's the case, then you're in luck.

Board certified dermatologist tested has true botanicals humectants that work

Consisting of a soothing combination of rice and cotton extract, as well as aloe, this moisturizing cream is a great addition to any skincare routine.

Cotton extract provides a layer of protection against environmental irritants, while also softening skin. Rice extract is renowned for calming irritated or itchy skin.

Aloe vera is a potent humectant, which means it draws moisture to the upmost layer of the epidermis. This enables the skin barrier to function more effectively.

This hypoallergenic, healing cream is fragrance free, and formulated without parabens, phthalates, or other harsh chemicals. If you're hoping for all-day hydration without adding to any of your current skin dilemmas, Burt's Bees is a good bet.

The National Eczema Association recommends many Burt's Bees products, especially the ones that contain cotton and rice extract. Even if you have normal skin and are just looking for a gentle, light moisturizer, this one works well and won't break the bank.

That concludes our list of eight great natural moisturizers.

As you can see the best natural face moisturizers all have natural hydrating and skin-softening ingredients. Take a look at the video below to get an idea of other great body oils and natural ingredients that can bring abundant moisture to your skin.